Social Security Disability

Has Your Social Security Disability Claim Been Denied?

Retain a Social Security Disability attorney in Opelika, Alabama, Phenix City, Alabama, or Columbus, Georgia (and surrounding counties) to appeal and fight for the benefits for which you have worked and that you deserve.

Social Security disability benefits (SSD benefits) are available to U.S. citizens who have worked but who can no longer work due to a physical impairment, which is expected to last at least 12 months in duration. You may have been paying into Social Security for decades; shouldn't it pay you back in return if you qualify for help? For help submitting a claim or appealing denied requests for SSD benefits, hire an experienced Social Security attorney right away.

Attorney Raymond Jackson is also aware of Social Security Administration special rules which aid persons over the age of 50 years old to get their SSD benefits. The rules applicable to persons over the age of 50 years old who are seeking SSD benefits are different, and you need an experienced attorney who knows how to navigate those rules.

Psychiatric or Mental Health Disability. You can be proven disabled and eligible for SSD or SSI benefits based upon psychiatric, psychological, and/or mental health problems or conditions. Disability benefits are not just available for the physically disabled. Attorney Raymond Jackson helps children and adults obtain the Social Security benefits that they deserve based upon conditions such as autism, severe depression or anxiety, psychosis or schizophrenia, learning disabilities, personality disorders, and other mental health conditions.

NO ATTORNEY FEES UNLESS YOU OBTAIN YOUR BENEFITS. Under Social Security disability rules, attorney Raymond Jackson cannot and will not collect a fee in a case seeking SSD benefits or SSI benefits unless his client receives their benefits. The initial consultations with attorney Raymond Jackson is free, and there is no retainer fee (or any money due up front) if he takes your case.

Raymond Jackson Attorney at Law has offices in both Opelika, Alabama and Phenix City, Alabama. Our law firm serves clients with a wide range of issues concerning Social Security disability law. Speak with attorney Jackson for assistance with:

  • Appealing for Social Security disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security income (SSI) benefits
  • Attending Social Security hearings and appeals
  • Obtaining medical records and opinions from doctors, psychologists, and other professionals

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Why hire a Social Security attorney?

Why hire a Social Security attorney?

Managing piles of paperwork and fast-approaching deadlines for Social Security benefits can make anyone's head spin. A Social Security attorney can:

  • Improve your odds of being approved
  • Collect and submit the necessary evidence for your case
  • Attend hearings with you and argue on your behalf

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