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Partner with a respected business law and contract attorney in Phenix City, Alabama, or Opelika, Alabama.

Running your own business is no small feat. With all of the work you put in each and every day, you can't afford to let any legal issues or disputes grow into serious problems. Gain a skillful and dedicated partner in protecting your business at Raymond Jackson Attorney at Law in Opelika or Phenix City, AL. Your dedicated business law attorney will look after your company's best interests.

Whether you need a business formation attorney to help you choose a business structure or a legal professional to draft and review contracts, our law firm can cover it all. We also can litigate business or contract disputes. We even provide help with trademark registration and handle trademark infringement cases. Reach out today to schedule a consultation with a local business law attorney.

Leave nothing to chance

Leave nothing to chance

Every successful enterprise needs a business formation attorney who can ensure everything starts off on solid ground.

Attorney Jackson will help you select the right entity from the start and provide ongoing assistance with:

  • Business disputes and litigation
  • Contract drafting and negotiating
  • Trademark registration and copyright disputes
  • Business succession
  • Mergers, sales and acquisitions
  • Business licensing

Keep the law on your side. Set up an appointment today with Raymond Jackson Attorney at Law.